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Phuket, Thailand 2015

jade lovie

My brother and I met some cool people from Kuwait at the one of the live music bars on Bangala Road! By far the best street to party on that I've ever been! it was absolutely crazy and so much fun.

I loved this little Honda motorbike I rented for the day, though in Thailand traffic can be a little scary on a bike with no gear. Maybe not the safest thing but when in Rome...

Boracay Island, Philippines, 2015

jade lovie

Boracay is one of the top 10 places on earth to see the sunset (white beach)

Wreck dive with my dad and brother!

My first time ever shooting a firearm!

Boracay is the most beautiful island I've ever been to, it's very well maintained for tourists and it's got great night life as well. If you're ever down there, visit the Boracay Toilet, a hilarious restaurant that serves (really amazing) food.

Bali, Indonesia, 2013

jade lovie

An image I took after getting up at 6am, and diving for hours. After which I got extremely sunburned when being too stupid to wear sunscreen... life lesson, Indonesian sun is much stronger than Canadian sun.

Little villa amongst a local town in Sanur, Bali. Absolutely my favourite places I've stayed by far. 

When studying scuba diving actually requires work on vacation...

My brother the diving instructor and I 

Hong Kong back in 2012

jade lovie

I honestly miss Hong Kong so much. Such a beautiful place, always so much life, and even the night life is great! Some of the best things about it in my opinion is the night market, and the clothing there is fantastic! Also make-up there is super awesome and priced super well. Planning on possibly returning one day JUST so I can go shopping. (and maybe hit up some of the bars)