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Shopping In Yorkville

jade lovie

This was a shoot I did recently in Yorkville, a very cute little upscale neighborhood in Toronto. I love the simplicity and the casual 70's elements such as the high wasted hip-hugging flare jeans and the faux suede jacket. The pearls also dress up the look a bit. The last photo is one of my favourites. Though I don't condone smoking, it's got a very classic look to it, and it reminds me a little of Kate Moss.

jade lovie

That 70s vibe that I am absolutely in love with, anything with peasant sleeves count me in. Although you can't see, I'm wearing black nylon over-the-knee socks, and boots because there was no way I couldn't wear boots where this was shot, (but if I could wear heels I totally would have). This look is totally groovy, but slightly more edgy when worn with darker l lip and a really neat velvet crescent moon choker. I thrifted this vest and held onto it for a year without wearing it because I knew eventually it would be cool and socially acceptable. Don't always get rid of all your old clothes! everything comes back in style sooner or later. 

Obsessed With Stripes

jade lovie

I never realized how much I liked horizontal stripes until I looked at most of my outfits.. The thing I like most about this particular outfit is that its so comfortable and easy to throw on. These shoes are the best heels for long term wear as well. Right now you can buy something similar to them at basically every shoe store. 

Autumn Is Here!

jade lovie

So excited about my new fall pieces I bought in Singapore a couple weeks ago. I absolutely love the fall,  the perfect weather and of course the best fashion season! Vogue is always super thick this month because theres just so much fashionable content in September! 

Basic Boyfriend

jade lovie

This look is really simple and clean, but I love how effortless it is. I also like the contrast between baggy and fitted so you can still see my shape. I am in love with these shoes/booties, they go with pretty much anything! If I wanna dress up a casual outfit or dress down a semi-formal one, they meet somewhere in the middle of relaxed and sophisticated.

Summer Appreciation Post

jade lovie

Shirt/dress that I picked up in Singapore from Cotton On, although this shoot was fun I don't miss the weather at all. Love this look because its super easy to throw on, it's cute and edgy, and now I can wear it without freezing to death.

Casual White Blouse

jade lovie




Never underestimate the power of a white blouse. I chose this plain and casual look for my first post, to show that a lot of the time simplicity can be gorgeous. As Leonardo da Vinci once said "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." 

P.S. it was uber hot when I was wearing this outfit and I almost died.